Boat Cockpit 


It’s no fun to sit behind the steering wheel of your boat only to discover that the entire cockpit is filled with leaves, animal droppings, rainwater, tree sap, and other miscellaneous debris. With a custom-made cockpit cover, you will sit down to a clean driver’s area every time.


These multipurpose custom covers protect the entire cockpit from rain and UV rays. We can craft them to snap at the top of the windshield and stretch to the back of the boat, or we can cover the windshield entirely, reinforcing on wear points and tight-fitting notches around towers and radar arches.


Bow covers snap over the entire front open-bow area of your boat and can serve several purposes. Use them for storage to protect from UV rays and rain, or snap them in place to create a “closed-bow” effect on your boat—which is helpful when boating in the rain or cold weather. This is a great way to keep your personal belongings dry and protected on days when the weather is not great, but you wish to be out.